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"Heaven on Earth, messages from Heaven, 
and many other kinds of spiritual guidances await the world.
May your spirit be whole and free. Amen." ~ Holy Spirit

Readings by Natalie St. Tours

On the path to living, God and many heavenly beings showed me heavens directives for life.
Jesus became a mentor, a guidance counselor so to speak, and a true friend. 
I am forever grateful for the gifts of heaven. 

 Counseling is God's work, I am just the vessel, the servant, the voice. 
When I was called to put this website together, I was also called to live humbly. 
My intention is serving with the highest integrity.

$50 per 30 Minute Reading

$75 per 45 Minute Reading

$100 per 1 Hour Reading

Please send your reading request to: 

Thank you & Blessings to you!

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