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Musical Rapture https://eraofpeace.org/pages/musical-rapture?_pos=1&_sid=c6e72cb3a&_ss=r

"As you listen to the music, as you read the words of Heaven, know there is a gift of peace, of healing and inspiration. The below writing is my inspiration to share with everybody."


by Natalie St. Tours

Holy Spirit, master within us all...

We are the breathers of the Holy Spirit, the consciousness. 

We live in this consciousness.

We give in this consciousness.

Lord Almighty, God that moves in all of us, break all bonds unbenevolent upon all people, all lands and creatures, even the air, water and light consciousness. Breathe in us and through us your holy matter of all good, joy and light. Breathe in the glorious awareness of peace, that all people... all people... all people be delivered and free. Thank you God Speed for your empowerments to our lives. Thank you Holy Spirit for the Trinity that works within us, our body matrix, our mind matrix...and the whole of Heaven on Earth. In all our appeals we bring each day that come from and with your auras of being, your intentions of holy consciousness, to all, through all, with all.

May all God's Kingdoms purify immediately with the healing swords of peace abundant!

All peoples of the holy sword... thank us for our consciousness of being in Gaia, our Mother Planet at this time, that we move with her in joy and love, forever more!

I AM moves that matter within us as well, for I AM breathes a fire of trinity consciousness. We band with that solarium awareness, breathing with us, sealing our minds together, feeling that which is ours. We are the healers. We are the seals of Heaven. We are holy in nature. 

Thank you holiness inside ourselves. Thank you holy-ness of being that raps us into all things. God's Peace, God's Wellness... and all pure intentions of being, that our holiness belongs to all. That our holy consciousness wrap into the new era illuminous. Full, Free, and Whole.

And so it is, unto this day in Jesus Name, in all names of Heaven that come from the Creator, Source Creator. Love Almighty, drink of your life through us and serve our lives abundantly into that stream, that glory illumni's accelerate in us as we rise into the new brave world ahead: God's of God's of God's that breathe eternal flames of being. When one is breathing, a rapture is occurring. Whether silent or heard. Whether seen or felt, our immersion is sure that the Holy mind of Heaven is healing everyone immaculate.

Source Creator, Illuminous Consciousness for all, break all bonds of evil that people be free, that all life awaken to it's first glory. We are, and always will be, the eternal with the eternal. 

And so it is. We are flames of eternal being. Love enfolded. Love empowered. Purity of Heart brings forth our true nature of being again. Every Ray of Light, every Ray of Adamantine Particles can now move beyond the speed of Being, where all things are transcended to pure being. And so the Holy Spirit meets us all wherever we are, whatever circumstances to transcend, illumine, and greet us again and again. We are the adamantine Rays of Being or Rays of Light living in bodies of Gaia. 

Our lives continue no matter what. Our bodies physical are metamorphosing into new awakened states of awareness and vibrational states. We can move matter with our intentions. And so it is, we continue our awakening with the Holy Spirits consciousness that breathes Eternal Love. Thank you Love for your healed embrace. Amen to all Love, to Peace in Jesus name in all of Heaven's names and glory of being. 


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