Saturday, April 4, 2020

Your New Lives Ahead

444 Your New Lives Ahead
A Channeled Message by Natalie St. Tours

Hello. We are the Collective of Heaven. We are here to address your concerns. 

There are many people in fear over the current virus issues at hand. There are also people who need new treatments. There are people asking God for help. Thank you for asking. We are here to help teach. We are here to help learn with you. Humanity has to learn through this process as we learn with you.

Jesus is in charge of the way you evolve, yet the entire communities throughout all Heavens move with Him. He is the door keeper of what our teams agree are appropriate to offer in each message. He is also the one in charge of the HU elements that bring you light. Listen and learn. You are still young in your evolution. We are here to help…

In the coming months, we previously addressed how certain things might change. We also addressed how heaven is able to influence and rectify the current situation in your behalf. For now, we diligently uphold the higher frequencies of heaven that seed your minds. You are still learning about this. Let us teach you now…

Through the days of your lives, your new interests may not appear normal as usual, however listen to the birds when you wake up. Listen to what they are telling you. Are they singing your song? Do they know what that would look like?

In the new future, your lives will imperially break through a threshold where only good can come. Parts of the new future called 2021 may not impress you the way you imagined, however, think of it as a doorway for a new beginning where people live innately in their new lives.

The innate will become a part of your everyday lives. What it gives to you are parts of heaven. These parts are part of your origins. You were culminated in a plane of being without physicality. When the physicality nourished itself to being, there were many seeds of expression waiting to be felt, examined, and lived.

All the physical beings of Gaia are part of this origin of collective life. You and many collective planetary peoples came to live that you would express your new existences; that you would know the fields of humanness that embody who you are within your hearts; that you would understand what creation is inside you that moves your minds; that you would heal disharmonies back to harmony; that there would be and is now occurring the new amendment of time where peace can now promote the best good for you (humanity).

As we (Heaven of Gaia, Heaven of all Heavens, God Jesus, Kryon of Magnetic Service, Gaia, Adama, Mother Divine, Yahweh, all temples of time … and all celestial councils of light) look to the new year ahead, we are superimposing a fresh outlook for all life. Humanity has now experienced one of the hardest lessons of time, that there are times when global unity has to happen. When global unity is stirred, it requires full honesty on all parties.

Your governments have to become more transparent to learn how to get along; to learn how to help each other; and to learn how to forgive whatever has happened in Earth history. With this lesson, your futures will become more encompassed with compassion for all life, for all people, for all nations…and including compassion for all life on this glorious planet.

With this new epidemic occurring on the planet, the governments of all nations are all expressing great desire to overcome what ails them. With this we say, thank you again for doing your part to help the medical communities while they assess and learn. The whole of humanity has to work as teams across the globe. Whoever you are, wherever you are, do what you know you need to do. You are collaborating in the biggest effort of teamwork of your lives.

There are teams of heaven supervising clairaudient messaging to many medical and pharmaceutical professionals. With these messages are the seeds of the new technologies to prevent and eliminate all viral bacterial diseases. Know that the seed is considered ideas. When the seed communicates inside the being inside the person, the person will feel the idea. The idea becomes words of interest that then spark new dialogues with other colleagues.

People of Gaia will begin knowing things in the right order. Your televisions will begin saying all the same things together. When the fields of heaven impact your social medias and all the same messages appear, know that there is a symbiotic presence within them. In fact, know that that presence is encompassing all life.

“You are not alone in the steering of the situation at hand.” – Gaia

The gift of this time is that you are all giving of yourselves to helping each other. There are no divisions between one country or the other. All people live. All people have the right to live. And all people will learn to accept that someday.

In the future, your lives will look much different. In fact you will want to know why you lived so archaic towards one another. The people who die at the hands of war are all innocent. It is no different with illness. No matter where the atrocity occurs, it is still archaic and means to divide everyone.

As you move ahead in the future, there will be one day that memorializes what happened to this common peoples of Earth. You are no longer victims of separation when this happens. You are a people who experienced deep loss together; people who cared greatly for each other; that no longer blame each other.

Each day that passes becomes your legacies where the common day threads that bind you are what exemplify you.

Another area of your lives in the new year ahead has everything to do with gardening your own life. It means that you have this symbiotic nature of Gaia that moves into your psyche. When the waters of your planet cry to be clean, everyone will begin listening. Your futures feel. You feel the Earth. You feel the water. When you love to and with, you express to all.

The lesson is more than one thing, yet it is harmony with unity.

In claire-knowing, your holy representatives inside your mind walk with you. They talk in imagery called telepathic communion. This communion can often offer only thought feeling together. Wait until you know what the feeling really is. Listen for the thought. Listen for the photograph with the message. While you wait to know what the image is with the feelings, know that you are heard in your questions. For the year of your awakening into the soul of Gaia bears fruits of many flavors. There are many around you who are feeling with this new tele-unifying factor.

While everyone is assimilating the new year focal points within themselves, the servers of heaven accumulate and move HU empowerments that will aid all adjustings. Therefore there are beings of God doing much on your behalf throughout all this time. Your minds will begin adjusting periodically to a new way of living where you can move forward; where you can live systematically in a new rhythm.

With the seeds of Jesus continally breathing into your lives, remember that he has been here before as a human.

“In fact, it is my message with that of the Great Cosmic Corridor of Jesus that surpasses all the lower energy thought forms of your past.” - I AM the GREAT I AM

Remember that the peace of his being is resolute. As you receive his peace, know there is good inside you and everyone.

In humility, your lives will forever be blessed in the future. The current epidemic will change the course of history where a divided planet is learning to address itself as one common people; where all life can now live in the accordance of peace. For that union of Oneness, Gaia is deeply grateful.
Blessings for all life is her resonance. It seeks only to bless all life.

Now, as the seeds of new economies move forward, your hearts bleed together, cry together, grieve together, and heal together. You are the blessings throughout all these difficult passageways.

Love, always love.

We are the Heavens of all Heavens. We collaborate in the Unions of all Light Councils where all people begin new evolutions. These evolutions move in accordance with the higher movements of heaven. And so we say, people of the planet Gaia, breathe with us. For we are here as a unifying cooperative collaboration. Our goals are to see that you are able to recover and encompass the new life ahead.

As you move together when things are tough, remember that you will have better days. You will also understand that those who left due to illness are working right along beside every one of you. They are helping you recover. It is and was their gift to come back and aid this timeline of humanity.

And as we close with our ending statement, we ask only that you feel the purest of our intentions for your best good now. Being in communion with each other, being with God, and being with that same purest of intentions we bow to you our beloveds.