Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Unraveling Time Minus Mercury

A Channelled Message by Natalie St. Tours


All life began like a thump of time where fields of energy collided into a great vast openness. Inside the openness, life began rising into different kinds of particles where things of energy articulated together.

When the mass of things awakened to a moment together, they oriented to one moment called unification, as an in breath would be for you.

In the midst of your current strategies throughout the galaxy, many planetary qualities commune in the in breath.

Throughout this particular phase in Earth history, you are experiencing multiple in breath potentials. When we see these things outside of time, we articulate in your observations through the in breath. And in those in breath moments, the surges of heaven move forward into the time/no-time observations.

Your thoughts become assimilated in that brief glimpse factor. When the factor has reached complete mass of your planet…unification arrives bringing the best engineering ideas, the best modes of transportation ideas… and much much more.

When you look into your morning meal, you most definitely dream a moment as you breathe. It is the breath we speak of that you see together. Within that unification moment, know that there are bubbles of knowledge shared amongst the entire body of humanity.

All movement inside the galaxy is observing while humanity rises. It is a moment long awaited for. There are things we cannot speak of until you are ready. However, we are urgent in our gatherings to aid your questions at this time.

In your hearts there are rhythms of quark neutrino movements. They are movements of knowing that show the body how to rhythmically assimilate blood supply to the lungs and articulate throughout the bloodstream perfect harmony together. When the harmony is disrupted, the body struggles to demonstrate unification.

At this time without the Mercury Retrograde disharmony, the unification of harmonics throughout the galactic continents or planets can now rhythmically enter your breath with Gaia until and as new purifications or new harmony rhythms are restored. This is a phase of technology with the harmonic restorations for all life. In unification, we begin this process.

During the next year ahead, you have been given unique information that will help mold your understanding ability. Today’s message has a deeper feeling about it to help guide your breath thought interaction. We are here today, as you read each word and breathe each breath. And as you awaken in each morning in breath, the awareness that we are with you may appear as new ideas that bring hope into your lives. It is this feeling in renewal we offer at this time. It brings you a path of rediscovery into your breath alliances with heaven. It also enables the foundation of your lives to seed together with the harmonics of the colonies of light.

We are I AM in the I AM Presence in the I AM Breath. Together we are coordinated as ONE in this moment as a representative of peace where peace can now restore humanity.

In blessings, we agreed to accompany the time of restorations. 

Namaste unto all

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