Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The Medicine Woman

The Medicine Woman
Channeled by Natalie St. Tours


When I was sick one day after recovering from a virus, my mind was swimming with ideas. They came from nowhere. They were not my ideas. I was tired. Exhausted in fact. I couldn’t sleep anymore.

I was sick for a year. There were people all around me called Agarthans. My people had once told me about them, that they would dance like fire light around people called the medicine women.

When I saw this, I quickened in my heart. There were things I had never seen. There were people who glowed all around me. My mind became one with theirs. Eventually, I felt good enough to sit in the sun.  That was the moment when I saw the most beautiful flower of all…

It looked like a sapphire diamond from the mineral clan who spoke to my clan just the previous day. When the flowers work with your clans, their messages are of hope. All flower people work in the ethers where many cannot see. But this future life I am accessing can now see what I saw then. She sees my mind and slower arrangements coming to help people who are in recovery, who are sick or dying.

The sapphire ruby communicates with the land. It gives people roots for their lives to help renew them, renew their blood. It part of a clan renewal time on the planet. We went through tough winters during the 1900’s. It was early October, when I first became ill. I saw my children die when I was sick. I could not take care of them on the bluff. My people had been dying for a month. My husband was gone and I suffered from malnutrition.

When my husband arrived, he grieved with me. We all had to bury our children, our families, our parents, our grandparents. The fevers went too high to survive…
By November, I was sick again. But this time, I was pregnant. I had no energy to give to my pregnancy, yet I prayed to grandfather in the heavens. I prayed to mother earth to heal me, to bring us less snow, more sun, more rain, and new growth to feed us.

When the rainbow arrived, I knew hope was around us. We sat at the fire one night watching eachother pray. In the center of the circle we saw a wisp draw from the fire. It grew higher into the teepee and became circles within circles. Each one began to grow outward with a center point. They were spirals forming all around us.

We knew at that point, that the mother earth we knew had listened, that mother earth was helping us. She was showing us that somethings are not seen, that some things are coming, and many people will recover their families. There were people that recovered fully that year. On the prairie, we watched out children die together, yet we birthed new children that grew up together.

We taught our children about the spiral people that the mother earth had given us. They learned to pray in the circles. They learned how we recovered when we had hope together.
When I see the people in the future, over a thousand new clans have been born. The people outgrow their lands. They listen to devices that do not talk with the mother earth. They don’t hear the language we hear today.

The futures will learn from our clans the way we learned from them. When the spirals come to them and the light inside them bring the fairies to their sight, hope will sing again. It becomes a time of fairy recognition, a time when people are living in the planet together where the lands have no markers or divisive ideas… a time for people to grow up in the wisdom that mother earth brings them.

We come from many star times, so our ancestors say. When you see the stars brighten at night, listen to their songs, for they hold they time. They are awakened star beings who bring us tools for a new life together. When you hear them like the cricket… they sing a perfect sound.

When the sounds of heaven follow us to our future lifetimes, we can see you, as you can see us. We 
are stars illuminating pathways of heaven with mother earth. Shhhhhh. (whispering) Hear the words of the drums in your heart. And then the wisdoms will come again. You will hear them inside your mind. Shhhh. Listen.

When the door keeper arrives, you will see a door where you can hear your future selves begin informing you. They are they to help humanity with everything they know. They will listen while the past brings uplifting ideas to help as well. While both doorways are open, you are being cared by the spiral people. They are beings that heaven made to help you here, to help us here, to us wherever we are in this mother earth.

When the Agarthan spiral people show themselves, they are showing that your mind has more knowledge within it. They will help humanity grow up. They will help humanity listen to the words of the future, in the future of now, your now.

The Agarthan spirits were part of our lives. WE lived on the open plains. We lived in the caves. Wherever we were, we could count on them to bring us new hope each year. When the season came and the moon was high, there were sights we all saw in the skies. They were beings much bigger than us. Sometimes they would come as a blink where only the one it was meant for could share the story. 

What lies ahead are the new being revelations. They are the stories of the new mean of living. It is a time where your futures have given us time to heal, time to grow so that we would be able to offer out wisdom.

People of the high plains are not different than the other seeds of people that were planted long ago. For the story of my mother earth is your mother earth. It is our story together. So we sit together while the drumming begins. We sit together watching each other pray. We sit together with your futures.

The starseeds within your lives will wake you up. You will wake up to a new day that speaks of truer dreams than dreaming. ~ The Medicine Woman

Arcturian Starseed and I AM Presence step into the conversation:

“I am Colëk (co-lay) from the planetary star Arcturus. I work with the writer here everyday. As I step into this conversation, the I AM presence empowers the voice and gifts of this commentary. We have watched Gaia, called mother earth, while she ascends to another dimension. It is a time we have waited. We have prayed with the heavens on many other planetary continents you have no knowledge of. Yet we pray while you ascend to a new era of time where people can grow with wisdom, where people will listen like the medicine woman reports. 

"In seeing what you see far, far ahead in the future, there are times that will over ride all the challenges that you have today. I bring good to all. My soul walks with all of you. Do as you must. Listen…as you are doing. With the gentleness of the spirits, the Agarthans bring a balance to your beings where you can access the experiences you once had together before now and after now (a gentle smile). 

"All your futures can come to you from a plane of being that only Agartha can surround you with. When you speak out load, remind yourselves that all good be spoken. When you live your lives, remind each other that you are good. Together and always, I am within your hearts.” 

Agartha now steps into the conversation with Adama: 

“I am Adama, High Priest of Agartha. My work with the planet comes to you via the spiral people of Agartha. We work with higher intelligences between elements, between time, along with angels of heaven, along with higher more evolved beings throughout the galactic councils of light, along with the Elohim Masters of Light, along with Jesus who brings them with us, along with Mother HU of all heavenly bodies, along with Father HU of all heavenly bodies, along with energetics of quantum mechanics, along with people unseen benevolent.

“I am here, we are here, all of us, to show you that you have more help than you know. We are to help raise your vibrations, to awaken your minds pineal abilities. To help raise you we must give encouragements through the energies around you. At night while you rest, we are actively arranging new spiral energetics. These spirals open your minds to a new awareness. When you hear our activities at night, know that only good is coming. It is the species homo-illuminous that you are becoming. It was our role throughout all timelines to help raise humanity.

“When the writer has spoken in the source of heaven, she can always access our mind activity with her. Allow yourselves to understand that you can ask for our help, that you can always ask your creator who brought you here to help you or anyone anywhere. There are good things coming to all, while you are experiencing changes. Peace to all nations, that you will all know oneness, that you will all come together throughout this and all challenges, no matter what. We are here to serve your new lives. I am Adama.” (as he bowed)

IN CLOSING by Natalie:  

As I listened to the channel spoken through me, I also felt and saw visions. The people of the past showed me that they knew who I was. They put me inside their circle of prayers. And after the spirals came to me, I could see them opening the doorways where I could access my future self and past self. They showed me that they are the ones who open the veils for that conversation. I am impressed with the elegance of the medicine woman who initiated the conversation. Her mind is very simply oriented to a basic way of being. 

We’re at such an overwhelming time, and yet, hearing her story showed me that there will be good things to come. Her lesson about how the clan prayed facing each other was powerful. What also strikes me are the ideas that can unite us as a species, as a people. The hope that one day, our whole planetary body of beings will have accessed something pure, intelligent, and holy gives me great comfort, for that is the way I live in my quiet existence. I hope for people. I pray for people just like the medicine woman. Namaste. Thank you medicine woman.


  1. How lovely, Natalie and the beings who spoke thru you. Thank you for the Blessings in your words and Love. -Sherry

    1. Thank you Sherry. I always am very grateful for the messages of Heaven. Namaste ~