Friday, March 27, 2020

Energy Update

Energy Update for Gaia
A Channeled message by Natalie St. Tours


NOTE: This message was given to me by many collectives within heaven. Lord Jesus is the hierarchy of Gaia. He allowed the collective of the Holy of Holies, the Sirian Coalition of Light, the Sirian Councils of Light, Kryon of Magnetic Service, and The Office of Heaven through which all doorways commune... to attend and participate with this message. - Natalie

During the last several days we have spoken about viral containment, viral durations, and several other ascension topics of humanity. Most incredibly though, we see a new connection with life occurring. People who were sick, who passed, who were aging and passed are all working out end of life details while the rest of you continue your duties of ascension.

When we act in the highest good for all, we relay tones of energy that aids humanity, including those newly passed over. There are sequences of you, innate ones, who live on the planet, that aid the whole of humanity innately while you sleep. Were you awakened last night? Were you unable to sleep last night? What was the experience that kept you awake???

In service of heaven and unification of heaven, the new door to door server called Kryon of Magnetic Service, has enabled humans to see and feel their innateness. This magnetic supply has come at a time of incredible expediency. For the doors of heaven and the doors of Kryon relay energies that must open you, dear ones.

Peace will prevail in the coming years. Tonight, remember, you are all participating in the seeds of new living for all life; that you communicate the best for all life at rest; that you work innately with the heavens as a soul; that you walk in the heavens with those who have passed recently as well as anyone in need of healing. While you work innately in your sleep, remember that your cause has become linked innately to those in need.

While everyone is coping at whatever level they are able to, our relays combine innately to show compassion for yourselves, your families, your friends, and then stretching to your president no matter how challenging your feelings are toward anyone in your governments. Allow compassion to encompass your entire realities together.

Lord Jesus is part of your new lives no matter where you were in the last years; no matter how much you discard ideas of His appearance in life; no matter how much many of you oppose such a being as being real. For the season of your attunements with heaven will now secrete the truths of absoluteness.

You are the human-illuminous beings waking to your new awareness. You feel threaten by this viral contamination. Your feelings will shift eventually. Through this timeline and all others, Gaia communicated with us that you would help her ascend; that you would come together in your assigned lifetimes in order to shed dark energies; that you would be used for the higher good of all mankind; that you would soon rise into HU awareness as a soul.

IN seasons of change, there are many lessons. Therefore all life must now coexist in unity. As unity unfolds through all dynamics, the fruits of your minds will nourish more readily all ideas of true compassion.

There are people awakening into the things of nature that sustain you. There will be more gardens, more fruits to share amongst you. There will be more people banding in communities. When one garden opens its doors, others will follow. Share what you have. Remember that this is a game of such that so many of you have prepared for. Prepare for the best assumptions of everyone. Prepare to see good together, that someone next to you is full of good; that you can feel their presence with God’s presence.

Lord Jesus enters the conversation:

                “Let it be known that this conversation is My idea. While I observe how humanity receives the exaltations of our divine records for earth, we also engage with this being who writes, for she is My record keeper for you. All the feelings on this planet are now geared toward a sustainful life full of gifts of the souls who inhabit the planet. Wherever you think you are in life, know that new gifts are awakening in you.”- Lord Jesus

Continued …

While humanity reawakens to who they are, we aid the awakening of true spirit gifts. When you need help understanding who you are, remember that Jesus has come with holy beings, holy spirits in fact, of a higher doorway through which all things are possible. The inevitable gifts are awakening in the midst of change. Thank you Gods of Heaven. Thank you Holy ones of heaven. Thank you God for bringing us together. Thank you humanity. Thank you for listening to our gifts for you as we come forward.


                “It is my hope that everything relayed in these messages is understood as intended. It is also my hope that everyone understands there are bigger things occurring for many reasons. I know sometimes it’s unbearable and unfathomable at what is happening right now. Today, I just ask for Gods peace to come upon everybody, that heaven blesses us in some way each day as we move through these challenging times. I love you all. My intention for everyone is that you be safe, secure, fed, nourished and clothed and given everything you need. Namaste.” - Natalie               


  1. Love!!! Thank you all who came together for this beautiful message.

  2. The expression "energy healing" is utilized today for what has likewise been classified "involved healing", "otherworldly healing", "clairvoyant healing", and even "energy medication."