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Covid-19 and Future Outlooks for Humanity

Covid-19 and Future Outlooks for Humanity

A Channelled Message
by Natalie St. Tours

For those of you who are not acquainted with channeling, I am guided to express something to help understand why I am doing this message. I was guided to come to my laptop all day yesterday.

Finally, I couldn't stay away any longer. All I could do was write. From heaven to us... are many doorways through which conversations can be shared... advisements and so on. They are the words of enlightenment, encouragements, of help in need...and sometimes, they are the friends we all need. When heaven calls to me, I am called to write. I was told this was a message to share with humanity. And so I hope, it is found when it is right for you. I hope it brings you comfort. I am grateful for the promises of heaven that lives with us 💛


During the next year, ten types of medications or treatment options are now being offered from the future.

We see 7 of them called antibiotics, 3 of which are common use antibiotics. When properly used in combination with antimalarial, antiviral, anti-midline influenza…reduction medication, we see optimal recoveries. In all the future timelines, the future shows combinations of many medications or trials will cause some suffering, some deaths, yet many will recover. In this type of disease marker inside the genepool now, there will be significant recoveries. There will be new therapies for many people who are on ventilators that will enhance their life expectancy and certainly some of them will recover enough use … to live unique lives. There will be certain people who die immediately who are already closer to their end marker.

Question: What do you mean by “live unique lives” in reference to many who recover from being on ventilators?
Answer: All people who experience coma-like phenomenas while on ventilators throughout covid-19 illness will also acquire new awareness. Whether they live as they did before, and whether they understand the changes brought to them has no bearing on the gifts of spirit that flourish in their recoveries. Many gifts such as insights to the way things manifest in life will simply be known. The pineal gland are activated during high strain high trauma experiences on the body. During the course of these traumas, the pineal awakens to learn for the being who may or may not recover. It is a way to help the being prepare for another journey as a soul outside the form. When the awakened being recovers inside the body, the vessel will still have to heal and recover, yet the pineal is already awake. People who experience out of body experiences often report having clairaudient, Claire knowing and many other types of seeing-hearing gifts. With these gifts, the life they have ahead of them will become one that gives clarity to others.

Questions: What does “their end marker” mean?
Answer: In the end marker referencing, we are addressing a type of end point for the being who designed their life in the human family on the planet. Each one of you design everything you choose to experience. Somethings are here in your lives to overcome, to learn from. They are things from past lives. They are also things we call Karma. In many ways you already know about this. It is how a soul can rebirth as human, to live as a human again,…and to return to Earth in order to heal things they seeded or planted in error in previous incarnations or lifetimes. People are spirit beings prior to incarnating into a vessel. The vessel is the means of HU magnetizing their field to the planet. Magnetics of the HU is how a being can adhere to a human vessel in order to be born as new child. Prior to all lifetimes, the spirit or soul works with heaven in order to heal anything required during their new lifetime. One part of this planning effort includes several end points, or markers in the body, where the body allows the spirit to leave. It is a return point. For every spirit-soul being, this is a remarkable time. It is a time to renew and recover all that was encumbered during and throughout the entire feeling experience of being a human being. At the point the soul leaves the body, a spark of HU magnetizes them less and less. This reversal of Pure Gravity is about releasing what you call gravity on the planet so that the other polarity of light gravity will then bring the soul where it is required and renewed.


Today, we are seeing younger people at risk of spreading covid-19. They are simply more active. They move more readily in the higher populations.

The status of the house market will change. There will be lots of homes waiting for new buyers. So many people who do need money will change their professions to a local economy. The economies in each local market have a plethora of opportunities where people help each other.
Some people will learn new languages.

Question: What kind of languages?
Answer: All kinds of languages exist outside the universe you live in. There are simply new awareness within your minds awakening in bits of time. People who need to understand government economies will start to learn more readily. Yet they will learn different ways, inherently, therefore they will become more adept to waking people with their ideas. The restructuring of any society usually begins with the ripples on new ideas. We offer that will be healing for at any given point. So your new ideas become new language in your mind.


There will be lots of people that need to understand the local economy structures. When the economy changes, so does the dollar. It may not appear immediately, however, the structurings are already occupied in the future in our minds. Therefore, there are scenes of immediate healthcare to all where many people learn how to evolve as their own scientific instructor with the internet educations coming available to them.

People will consider two parts to their new lives:
1)      Who will take care of them? Under the first one, who will take care of them, we see how well each human beings relies on the spirit within them. There are dynamics awakening within the supreme human conductors within the planet called Gaia. As you read through the scores of information below, you will learn more. The voice of heaven is taking care of you all in ways you cannot know completely. Your understandings of life will become different as you awaken and evolve. While you change through each day, you know that there are things you can do, but you require our assistance to manifest rapidly. Doing is often associated with deep contemplation. When you trust the higher being called Jesus, you are also trusting a universal force of light that created you. Who so ever beckons to the creator within them is also calling on the holiest of activities. You may not understand the depth of the soul you are. It is simply a way of saying there is power in your asking for help. There is power in your activating your chain of help in your life. You are a light within a body. You are awakening to learn that you can ask with deep convictions that the best accomplishments appear to all a life, that your life resemble something good, that your life immediately bring forth that which you need. There is a creator source, or magnetic HU force inside you that can activate everything you need to be brought to you. Watch and listen as you activate with your intentions and prayers. In gratitude, you bring forth the best you can give yourself. You give all of heaven permission to help you, to help humanity as you ask in prayers of intention. When you seek, you deliver yourself what you seek. When you seek the prayers that God guide you, watch and learn as you greet the unfolding holiness inside you. When you speak word like, “I am grateful…for my new job…that comes to me now…that provides more money, that gives me everything I need for my family…” it invites the activity of heaven and activity of your HU magnetics to energize all you are as a creator being. With that, we arc into your hearts to know that your family called humanity doesn’t understand who they are in full, yet they are still creating something every day. Together you all will grow to understand the power you have within you, that people will help each other, and that governments will begin directing changes toward the best good for all, and that time is anew.

2)      Who will take care of their children?               In the supreme guideline called intelligent Yahweh sequences of heaven, the Creator dynamics lend a hand with the new directives for evolution. You have asked and prayed. Now we can evolve HU languages within your heart, therefore you will learn in knowing, which is in fact, two to twenty steps quicker than normal. It is what you would call an inheritance. That inheritance has been awaiting your readiness to your survival. It means that life is changing quickly. It means you need to adapt. It also requires advancements in your higher consciousness with the heavenly hosts that connect with Jesus. Therefore you are all breathing each of His Holy of Holy credentials that illuminate your brains. They (Holy of Holies in and through Jesus) give you data that helps humanity. They are giftings to accelerate the HU mantels for the evolutions. HU is the bandwidth of light that encompasses Keys of Light. When the Keys of Light awaken within your mind, field information will become like a new inherited language where you feel, learn, and know.

Who is taking care of the children of the planet? In fact. God Almighty, or the see-er inside all beings called the HU is part of the High Office in command of heaven. With that we say, that God Almighty seeds humanity that which it needs. The people of Gaia called Earth, move in a new way where all people help each other. It is in accordance with the plan of God of your Earth… that the new dynamics that communicate within us will help sustain a new way of living that will enhance your children. Your children are also teaching you what you need to know. They are the ones to tell you when we speak through them. When you know that the wisdom in their voice has your immediate attention, listen to it. Bring a note pad it you must. But remember that, the way of a new life often brings alliance between all age groups, for heaven moves in everyone. Within ever life, there is wisdom to be heard. Now in Jesus name, I offer the Yahweh command post for the planet called Earth. Yahweh moves through Jesus as the higher officer in command. Therefore, consider the ranking as adamant that people will endure a new way, that people will learn a new way…and many things of cooperation already are blossoming as you experience this pandemic together. Your schools have closed so that your children will be safe. Many employers allow people to stay home now where they can work from home. Many jobs will come to those. We are seeing new opportunities in the new near future that people can work easier from home, that many jobs will present themselves as part of the government economy builder.

With this in heart, all your children who require childcare are being given their parents who can stay at home while the pandemic is being corrected.  Remember that there are temporary solutions for the situation. Everyone is important. Therefore it is important to keep everyone safe from illness. The best now, until the next best now is how we view things.


When the symptoms of illness start to spread around the earth, people will inherently awaken and draw from that wealth of gladness that heaven disperses to them. Whether you deny your inheritance has no bearing on whether you will feel it. Whether you attend mass or not, has no bearing. Whether you believe in a sustained holy being who benefits humanity or not, again has no bearing. You will all feel and learn. When you are ready, I (HU of heaven with Jesus) give the information into your minds. Suddenly you will think about things. And suddenly everyone will become more aware of things they can do, things of benefit, things that help them, and things that help the planet. There are simply new orientations to a new way of living you will experience together. They are thoughts. They are consciousness. Within this earth plane, the few will become the many. The few will no longer exist as the least of you. The few become acquainted automatically, systemically inside themselves. Therefore, the few will become new authors as well where they automatically exhibit talents of being, talents of healing…and in governments there will be talents that unfold throughout the planet simultaneously where all people work together in a spirit of cooperation.

The spirits within your lifetime are simply all humanity. When your spirit is awakened to understand differently, you awaken to a new dynamic. In HU magnetics of Light, the Creator envelopes with Humanity in their spirit-soul mind. In this modality of HU magnetics, humanity awakens in spurts of time. Feeling awkward may be a sign you are awakening. There will be times you just know something. It means that there are no dictionaries that talk about it. There are times of change when people just open their hearts and do what they know is right. We are seeing this already.  When society is ready, it can mean that there are directives providing their readiness.

The heavens that service the known galaxies are working in unison with the Pleiadian Councils of Light. When they come to you at night, you are often awaken out of sleep to the feeling there is something important underway. Certainly you will feel a buzz in the air. A buzz around your body indicates the Light Physicians busy at work with you. When you awaken and see them, however briefly, they are allowing you to know of the visitations for your own benefit and your own awakenings.

During the course of the next 10 years, people will learn to observe what the mind wants to call INTUITION. Certainly that is a part of their inherited ability to learn that which is in their cue of evolution.

As the teams within God’s clans of Light assemble, WE of the Holy of Holies direct any impulses that would reunite the first amendments that all people of holiness awaken to their spirit. It is the inheriting of the impulses that quickens the servers within you. Peace begins to flow more readily throughout society.

“Beacons of Heaven, know who you are,” is the quote pulsing through Earth at this time. It is a language much like the internet in how it acquaints the mind with simple thought processes. It is a language of HU bands from heaven…seeding only the utmost benefit that can flow through your minds, your lips, your actions…This is the awakening of deep breathing within your psyche. It tells you that you are the laws of heaven within your thoughts, that you are the laws of heaven working through old ideas.

Each of you need to learn how to cohabitate as friend to all. It may take ten people ten times less time. Yet some people longer. There are changes in DNA RNA fabrics underway. They are clearing old identities of old errors. Pieces of your new life are actually rebooting your entire mainframes within the DNA RNA formats. Seeds simply represent that which brings new life.

And so it is, WE of the heavens above the united coalitions of all heavens, walk with you today as you ready yourselves to live in unity, in fairness, in harmony. With these seeds, we nourish to guide you.

Clearing out the dusty cobwebs of time may take time, yet it does and is occurring. Know there is a blessing while you work through change. WE are addressing humanity in every way through your timelines before and after today.

The sequences of heaven work in union with the sublimes. They are orders of heavens you have not all learned about, yet they exist within higher bandwidths of reality. When we speak of higher helpers within the heavenly realms, we also include Lords of Light: Lord Melchizidek, Lord Archangel Michael, Archangels of Heaven, Emissaries of Light including Quan Yin and Mother Mary… and countless other benevolent beings who assist and help remove evils from banding inside the climate of humanity and their absolute choice. People of the planet may not understand these facts, yet the non-benevolent tyrants who did impact humanity will and are being excised completely. It is a time of cleansing. You are all unburdened throughout this phase of humanity.

Question: What phase of humanity are you referring? 
Answer: In the current timeline, there are many cycles. There are planetary movements over thousands of years that move around other solar bodies of planets or galaxies. In particular, there larger cycles amongst many start systems we are addressing. At this point in time, we have already entered a new Kun cycle around numerous galaxies. They Mayans knew about these cycles… how they would end…how they would begin, etc. In fact is already correcting what evils that came during millennias of deceptions on the planet. Peace is now overcoming what happened. It is an energetic profile in the galactics in part as well as new directives of heaven that can now provide greater assistance in clearing dark entities from Earth who caused wars, viruses, and more. WE are expressing encouragement to all people at this time, for it is your lives that will shine into a higher evolution with great clarity of joy and happier occasions. The season is young and unfolding rapidly. You have wonderful things in your minds to draw from and give with.

As the full moons rise in your heart, the fullness of our identities becomes more full, more true to you. In human terms, WE are illuminous angelics. In fact it is you who are illuminous. In your lives you have been placed on the planet during a course of time to do and be exactly what you need to do and be. We are all conduits that serve holy interactivity through the planet.

When life becomes challenging, call on the guards of heaven. With that commandment you enable archangels of heaven to empath with you, to know you, to act with you. It is a point of reference to learn that you work in union with the facilities of awareness given in your spirit of thought. With every prayer, the heart brightens, the mind quickens. The field around your body then removes negative ion interrupter energies within the aura. When the field around your body communicates to the holy of holies within your mind, another quickening ripple awakens those who are near you. Within their field or aura… the quickening dynamic informs all negative ions to disband. In fact it is how you are healing each other inherently.

You are the ion receivers on the planet. You distribute information through auric channels unto Gaia or the Earth where energy or ley line portals then receive. They are the transmuters on the planet as well as conductors of information. On many levels, this conversation is being heard through many timelines. In fact it is rippling across mind brain positronic infiltrations that serve to heal humanity.

The source of all source or God Consciousness has been noted as a RIVER. When you see that word in your mind, know that it is a river of information waking everyone up. It is the wealth of heaven, the wealth of goodness in truth that serves the best for all. Therefore, it is an eternal flow of HU data for remembering goodness inside yourself, inside humanity. It is a wealth of goodness for all. It gives “good” to THEN, NOW, and ALWAYS where it ripples through all times. Before you were born, it gives you new coalescence inside your brains that you would know what you are seeing when you see it in the future.

When you see symbols given in the sequence of heaven that appear in your mind, you will know what it means for you when you feel it.

You’re seeing things like a dream, where all bits of information carry feelings specifically for your awareness in growth. Today, the Earth requires a new kind of information to deal with the fears. It is a specie specific timeline where many people die, where many people grieve…and many people wonder where they will go. 

Question: What do you mean by specie specific timeline? 
Answer: As a species over your lives, we are addressing HU magnetic humans. You are HU energized coalescent beings. You are heavenly descendants of the future. You are here to provide the new identities for all people of the HU community called humanity. In fact, you are still bringing forth the gratitude of heaven to break free of old identities.

Question: What do you mean by many people will die? How many is many?
Answer: Of course you understand that things change every day. There are people who can change their outcomes. And certainly there are people who are ready to leave. By our current understanding there are millions of thousands of potential outcomes. In our diagrams of future potentials, we can see superimposed probabilities. To see them in our mind frame would not be exact by any means for this number. However, we know the pandemic has reached most of the planet in varying degrees. We also know that temperature kills the bacteria that feeds the virus. When the new temperature of eighty degrees plus matures where ever you live, the dietary needs of the virus will change. It specifically carries a gene requirement of men in testosterone which is higher in most animals. There is recoordinating that happens of the summer months for each area that affects the DNA RNA abilities in your bodies to defend itself. The sun itself provides great autoimmune functions. Breathing the high temperatures in the high sun empowers your body with vitamin D. That system will know what do to influence any outside virus. When you see the sun, it applies to all your light portions each of you are as a being connected to a vessel. By the end of September, the virus will not have much time. In fact it will be struggling to keep growing in any vessel in the US. Every continent will have varying challenges due to weather temperatures and season. While you are quarantined in your lives, know that there are good causes for that. In fact, you are doing a great job of slowing the progressiveness and spread of this disease virus. For right now, know that there will always be deaths during pandemic situations such as flu, etc. You have seen thousands of deaths and thousands more will die, yet in the future, many people will survive as new therapies are presented. The governments are learning how to work together for the common good. It is a lesson in growth as a species in compassion and loyalty to humanity. Know that all people are given an exit point and many people will learn to leave in order to aid humanity as HU unencumbered soul being. You are all given as much as we are allowed in this conversation. There will be millions of human beings alive for many eons of time. It is an ongoing conversation of humanity in Gaia Earth.


There are things God I AM, brings forth for all the hands of heaven to help renew your spirits, to rebuild the way you function together, and to see all the best come alive in all of you. Peace bands of heaven move closer to your hearts to heal and nourish.

We know the best for you has not yet appeared in your heart. WE acknowledge that your hearts have needs in the immediacy of your lives. WE are helping in the immediate timeline called the year 2020. WE are aware that many people have suffered and there are changes to endure. We are healing everyone we can. WE are offering new information to your doctors who treat you, to the nurses who care for you, to the researchers who finance new options for treatments. WE are also moving quickly into the hearts of all Light Workers who know the source knowledge that sweeps within them. In fact, the one message we are offering the one who writes this, we are also offering throughout the planet. Many are hearing our words. It may be gentle in thought where you just know something. You may hear bells or signals that somethings is being spoken. Your witnessing is our witnessing. WE are here with you being what we can be. WE are helping over ride every challenge with new opportunities and healings.

There will be a sweep over all of you, over all your interactions. Your intentions are being watched carefully. They are important to the planet, to life…to the evolution of good for all.

Question: Explain “sweep” please.
 Answer: Good. Thank you. When we speak of sweep in this particular function, it is a door to door, so to speak, way that we are able to access in your innate tones of heavens. It’s how we communicate together. We see and know within you when we sweep the collective of humanity. We also greet humanity in that sweeping of collective communion with a kind on inherent giftings that work innately. In close, we offer that there are things that will not be talked about today, yet referenced in simplest form. Your gifts will heal the planet. It will help humanity repair the planet and humanity.


In closing, we are here in order to serve you all who receive the messages of heaven. We come together as a collective of beings with Jesus in Yahweh's corridor of heaven. We are with everything that God is. Peers of heaven, peers of light, remember you are not alone. Remember, you are here to remember. We are here to help you remember.
And so it is. Amen.

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