Thursday, March 26, 2020

Celestial Reboot

Prophecies of Heaven
by Natalie St. Tours


On the 6th of March 2020, there was a hiccup of sorts inside each galactic quasar.

When this occurs, it begins a new cycle of winding down. Winding down can also be noted as stopping or ending. 

In this end point, the same measure occurs on the planet. Following that moment, a number of people were feeling unwell with unnamed symptoms.

On March 31st through April 2nd 2020, you may all feel effects of an upcoming end point. The end point is occurring at approximately 3 a.m. eastern standard time (USA) 03/31/2020. Following along will be the east coast at approximately 10:30 a.m.

On all continents, there will be shifts of energy quite remarkable like that of 2012, yet no one will know exactly what is going on. There will be scientists who look toward the stars and note tiny changes within the solar belt itself. The quasar activities are going to be rebooted with the solar wind effects throughout the celestials.

At 3 a.m. 03/31/2020, when the celestial winds peak, Gaia will begin it’s orientation to stasis temporarily. This provides for a stability while the celestial winds return to reboot all gravitational quasars. On the Earth, you will only see a temporary lag that affects the human body. One affect will be fatigue. Another may be disorientation or nausea with feeling dizzy. Clumsiness is a sign of disorientation. Another sign may be low energy.

When the next solar wind hits on the early a.m. on 04/02/2020 eastern standard time, the world you know will no longer exist. It is a shift of inner dynamics. It moves your cycles in a new pattern. It’s a gentle shift, yet you will feel its impact as general "not feeling good". Know this is a temporary sensation.

On the global scale, all medical professionals will receive extra energy to maintain their vitality. When this occurs, many of them will begin knowing or having psychic visions of new ways to combat the current obstacles. On the upside, after the celestial reboot of 04/02/2020, your minds will be crisper. It may take a week of observation to recognize it. You will also know in ways you could not before.

Also on the global scale, your government officials will also begin acknowledging new references to a global economy based on the first and most important priorities at hand. Images of this have been noted in the new future ahead. We’re seeing things most impressive for the economy in each local area. As people come together to help each other, another shift occurs that speaks of harmony inclusion. One to one equals harmony inclusion. It is a ratio of equality (1:1), therefore when the ratio appears wherever you are, balances bring harmony. You are, they are, we are…and so we ARE equality in its basic being.

The field of energy incorporating the new inclusions has everything to do with this rebooting process. As a dynamic of energy, you all express, feel, live and move in life as energy. And so do the celestials. When one being is affected from the celestial energies, everyone is affected.

Throughout the next decade, your universe will change just as you are changing where all things harmonize equally. Peace prevails. It becomes more noticeable. It becomes the staple of your lives. It becomes noticed in all legal activities. Wars will no longer seem important to your governments as well. It will take some time, and yet the streams of new identities will rise in full. The field of HU around the planet is infusing your lives everywhere with the new harmony equality field of being.

As we sustain each new shift in the universe, we also sustain your biological vehicles you live in. They will need time to adjust to the new energetics. Remain calm as you can, knowing that we are working with you, that the heavens have come to raise you up together. And know that your friends, your family, your neighbors will have their own unique version of this shift or climate of change within them. BE patient with each other. Be kind together. And remember that this was and is your and our agreement to help raise this planet, to help raise humanity…to help bring a new sustaining rhythm for all life.

As we close our statement for your review, we add that we are very proud of you, all of you. Thank you for every effort you have brought to life. Thank you for living. Know that you have overcome more than you know.

Closing statement with author, Natalie:

                “As I was writing this, my feeling is that we don’t need to understand all the celestial events occurring all the time. However, it was explained to me in depth last night while I drew a schematic. This image I was shown explained that when the end point in the quasar fields occurs, that gravitational spirals would cease immediately. At that point, 03/30/2020 @ 3 a.m. eastern time, I was told to prepare, to stay home, to not drive, to listen to my body and to share this information with everybody. I was also told that this had to happen to reduce all negative influences in our societies. It is a cause-reaction specific quantum mechanic alignment for a new rhythm. There are no diagrams I offer you, just what knowledge is shared with me. I hope everyone experiences a new better reality, that everyone is safe, and well. And though this pandemic has created fear in everyone, and rightly so, I also applaud the reduction and removal of all viruses. They explained that after the celestial reboot, that viruses will become less and less viable in our new HU or energy economy. I am praying for all the families affected by this pandemic, which means all of us, 1:1. Namaste in love and light to all.”

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